Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sea Otter Pics

Well, I had a nice little Sea Otter report going until I managed to do something to completely wipe the whole post off this little screen. (No..."recover post" didn't work).

Now I'm too pissed off to write it all over again, so I'm just going to post some random photos I took from the event.


Howard said...

Blogger is famous, or infamous, for eating posts and not being able to recover them. I've got several friends who've reported the same thing so you're not alone.

Also wanted to mention that I got my Sonix and it is awesome! Gotta work on the suspension to dial it in, but other than that, the bike rocks. I got two compliments on it. The first was about 2 mintues after I'd taken it out of the car and the other was about 2 minutes after I laid it down so I could go barf in the woods.

jill hamilton said...

Nice!!! Glad to hear you like your Sonix. Let me know how future rides go!

stickboy said...

Nice pix. Don't sweat the blogger posting issues. Just save often before posting.

Love the Tampax Blue SS for next year. The Sonix have done well at the shop.

Great to meet you at Interbike, looking forward to reading your blog some more!

Donna T. said...

Great photos, Jill. Thanks for sharing.