Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! Enjoy the holiday with your family and friends. Hopefully, your celebration involves getting on your bike. If you don't celebrate Easter, just go out and celebrate life!
I'll try to post some bike-related stuff next week.
(I took this photo at Borrego Springs a couple of weeks ago...the wildflowers were unreal!)


Fritz said...

I love California in the spring -- everything is so green *and* colorful.

My family and I had a nice easy family mountain bike ride in Santa Cruz County of the weekend.

WRW said...

"Welcome back to the ether!"
Fine Saturday ride, too windy on Sunday, besides I prepared the (YUMMY) feast!
Back to 'aero' work ...
Penguin Script -
My (again) efficiency 'revised' V3, sorry no photo yet, is exceeding expectations during testing, WAY COOL!