Thursday, November 13, 2008

Haro in Kenya!

As you can probably imagine, we got a LOT of sponsorship requests here at Haro. I think I could practically fill the bed of my truck up with all the proposals that roll in this time of year.

A couple of weeks ago, I got a request that really caught my eye. Here's the e-mail I received:


My name is Nickson Mwaura and resides from a small town(Gilgil) in Kenya,East Africa. Have been doing mountain bike racing for the past 5 years and have had the national title for two years 2004 and 2005.I recently got a Haro bike V4 SERIES, which I rode at one of Kenya's greatest mountain bike races. The news is it felt so balanced on climbs and descents which resulted in me winning the event in a time record.My query, is it possible to get sponsored by HARO.Attached herewith are some photos of me at the event.



I have to admit that I wasn't aware that organized mountain bike races even existed in Kenya, so this was a pretty cool request.

With his sponsorship request, Nickson also sent a race report from the prestigious 10 to 4 Bike Challenge on the slopes of Mount Kenya where he mentioned racing his V4 to a course record. What he didn't mention is not only did he win this race in record time, but he did it after breaking his chain at the beginning of the race.

We decided that Nickson has a lot of potential, so we're sending him a brand-new Flightline Expert to race on and a Haro jersey so he can keep representing Haro in Kenya. One of the stipulations of giving Nickson this support is he must give his V4 he's riding now to a fellow racer who is in need of a new bicycle or to someone who would like to start racing mountain bikes but is unable to because they cannot afford a bike.

Once Nickson receives his bike, we'll be posting more pictures and his future race reports.

Here's a little more information about Nickson:

Name: Nickson Mwaura

Age: 27

Birthplace: I was born in a small town in Kenya called Gilgil

Years mountain biking: I have been mountain biking for 5 years now

Profession: I'm a second hand clothes dealer in my home town. I'm also involved in volunteer jobs ie conservation. We(my team) recently took part in a self sponsored tree planting activity in a town far away from my town where we have had mountain bike races since the year 2000.

Goals: My goal in biking has been to improve both in standards and performance and to once ride in the international scene among other world top mountain bike riders. My goal in life has been to be successful in whatever I do and to become a mentor to whoever may want to follow in my line. I have been thinking of what i can give back to mtn biking and how I can improve the levels of competitive mountain biking in my country.

Check out the zebras in the background of this photo. How often do YOU get to ride among zebras?

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Fat Lad said...

Immense! Now that guys needs a blog!

Really cool to see Haro beeing so reponsive to something worthy of sponsorship.

And in true marketing/web 2.0 feedback I'm looking for a winter hack bike for the UK and I'll have to look at Haro in closer detail now

Fat Lad

Anonymous said...

great story!

thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

not to do w/ this story per se, but just wanted to tell you it was a great pleasure to meet you last month in Rhode Island. Maybe a ride hookup would be appropriate when Mary and I visit the area during our honeymoon in Feb.
Peter-bicycle south windsor, ct

Stephanie said...

That is so cool Jill! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Just a addition to your story but we were at the 10 to 4 Mountain Bike Race to see Nickson win and he was absolutely amazing!! He would have won last year had he not snapped his collar bone and had to be air-lifted out of the bush!!!! Wishing him the best!!