Thursday, December 18, 2008

2010...but it's not even 2009 yet!

It seriously seems like the bicycle product development cycle just never ends. Just when you wrap up one year, it's time to start on the next year's line. With lead times on mountain bikes in the 6-month range, it really presents a challenge for us since we're more or less planning a new year's line of bikes well before the current year's bikes have even hit dealer's floors. It's challenging for sure.

Most all of our 2009 bikes are in stock and we're wrapping up the 2010 line as I write this. One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is seeing bikes go from the idea phase come full circle to production bikes sitting in a dealer's shop. It's also been really rewarding over the course of the eight years I have been employed by Haro to see the bikes get better and better. The 2009 bikes look amazing...and the 2010 bikes are positioned to knock the socks off of the 2009 line! My product manager, Pat Crosby, and graphics guys Pete Demos and Rick Ortiz have just done a killer job on these bikes.

I don't have any spy photos to show you quite yet, but I can give you a little rundown on some of the stuff you can expect to see next year.

  • We're going to be introducing a 650B full-suspension bike based on the Sonix suspension platform. This will be a 120mm travel bike using a White Brother Magic 650B specific fork. We're shooting to have this bike retail for about $2,600.
  • The Mary 29er bikes are getting some significant changes. The frame will get a bent top tube along the lines of what we use on the Beasley 650B hardtails; this will help provide some added standover on those beasts. They will also get a whole new graphic treatment...if you like the looks of the Masi steel bikes with classic panels, you're going to love the look of the new Mary graphics.
  • The Ally series won't get the frame redesign that the Mary's are getting, but they are going to share the same classic panel graphics.
  • The popularly-priced Flightline series is getting a graphics facelift. I am SO excited about the new look of these bikes. These are going to be the most expensive-looking inexpensive bikes on the market.
  • We're introducing a $550 fixie with riser bars and all the fashion-forward details the fixie crowd has come to expect.
  • No more On-One Mary bars on Mary 29ers or Beasleys. We've been using that bar for a few years now, so we felt like it was time for a switch. Ritchey has a new 10-degree sweep bar that's pretty damn cool we're going to use instead.
  • Think purple...yes, purple. Purple is a hot color this year and we're using in as an accent color on several bikes.
  • We're introducing a slopestyle-specific 4.5" travel full suspension bike called The Porter...named after our slopestyle superstar, Eric Porter. As this is Porter's signature bike, it's going to be spec'd just like his personal bike...with Fox suspension, Hayes brakes, Kenda tires, and a slew of Gravity components.
  • The Shift bikes get a new frame...this frame is lighter and sleeker.
  • Due to recent price increases, we're bringing in some new sub-$300 Heartland comfort series bikes with entry-level spec so people will still be able to buy a comfort bike at an entry-level price.

So there you have it. All the news you can use about our 2010 line. I'll be sure to post some pics of the new graphics and frames soon. In the meantime, you'll just have to rely on that vivid imagination of yours.

Happy trails...


Anonymous said...

Great news on the FS 650B bike Jill!

Mickey said...

Looking forward to hearing more about the FS 650b!

Evan Bacon said...

I'm always excited to see what's dropping from Haro these days. Is the "Tarck" bike going to have barspin clearance? You ought to spec it with a rigid 26" fork like charge is developing over in the UK. That's What the kids are doing these days.

Evan Bacon said...
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Anonymous said...

What about any developments in the DH / Freeride area?

Bob said...

It's June 09 now, when will we see the 2010 Mary?

Anonymous said...

I was hoping the Beasley's would look like the Marys, not the other way around...How about making them all look like the old Werx SS frames.