Friday, June 8, 2007

Send Paris to France.

Or Africa. Or the North Pole. Or better yet, a deserted island far, far away. Anywhere but here. I know this is completely off the topic of cycling, but is anyone else besides me absolutely disgusted that the Paris Hilton jail sentence/release/sentence is actually considered newsworthy? For crying out loud, it's been getting coverage on both local and national world news. Give me a freakin' break...what is this world coming to? This stupid bimbo isn't an actress, a singer, a dancer, or any sort of an entertainer who has contributed anything at all to society other than her exploits of being young, rich, and blonde.

It would nothing short of a miracle to have the networks cover a cycling event yet they allocate air space to this stupid story. Unreal.


Ok, rant over. Have a great weekend, ya'll.


Anonymous said...

a sad reflection of society's priorities....keep up the good work. Your writing is great and I love the rant.


stobstar said...

BBB Fan Club Member enjoyed the rant!

I totally feel the same.

a french sonix werx owner (surely the only one) said...

I'm french and don't want her here as well! Please pick antartica ...
She's on tv news here as well ...sadly.