Monday, July 2, 2007

Sea Otter, you are killing me.

After getting some really great news a month or so back about Sea Otter changing their dates to the first weekend in May, I just got word from a reliable source that those dates have just been moved back to April. Ugh! Looks like I threw out my rubber boots too soon.

The reasons given for the change was the media supposedly told the Sea Otter promoters that they couldn't guarantee as much coverage if the event was in May...and then supposedly Sea Otter got "outbid" by some other event who wanted the facility for the May dates.



Fritz said...

I was wondering about the May date change. I was glad to hear about it because it's so much better for me personally for all the reasons you noted before, but May is also a very busy month on the cycling news calendar. Lots of stuff going on and lots of stuff getting announced in May.

Anonymous said...

that is so 'weak sauce' that they went back on their word and re-changed the date again.

I'm not feeling the love!

I'll be glad to spend a few grand on exhibitor fees and expenses when the event doesn't seem some inner-directed.

Anonymous said...

yet the masses will attend....with the organizers failing to recognize how much more their event could benefit with a date change....hang in there Jill. You will have a good time anyways. Keep the faith! Next year you should compete!


Anonymous said...

oh yeah, Enjoy your day off, Happy 4th of July


Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Yep, it's a major bummer and certainly looks to be real, since the event website lists the new (tentative) dates.

Oh well, BBB, you tried to help them. It sounded like they were listening... but then again...