Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sneak Peek...Haro Metro Series

WOW!!! Three posts in two days. I can hear all 11 fans going nuts!!!

I thought you guys might enjoy a little sneak peek of our all-new Metro series bikes. Think flat bar road bike with a mountain bike twist. Huge props to Product Manager Wayne for the killer spec on these bikes and Product Manager Pat for creating the frame drawings. I'm really excited about these bikes...not only are they nicely appointed with nice parts on them but they look awesome. I've got Graphic Designer Rick James to thank for that. Anyhow, three models...Roscoe (MSRP $550), Sanford (MSRP $750), and the Maxwell (MSRP $950). Realistic availability won't be till closer to the end of this year; hopefully sooner. Check 'em out!!!





Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Those are pretty cool. Dig the names too.

Rick James (Beeyotch!) is on fire this year!

Wayne and Pat have been kicking butt too... Gawd help "the other guys".

wrw said...

"Better check as 'Sanford' is already trademarked."
(Hint: Sanford is a U.S. trademark describing a Newell-Rubbermaid Company.)
This bike deserves it's own moniker!

jill hamilton said...

Not worried about the name use at this point since it's registed under a different USPTO class. There are lots of bike model names that share names with other manufacturers even within the same class (heck, both Haro and Louis Garneau use the name "Sonix" for a bike). It's usually not until you cross the line into a brand name where'd you'd trun into trouble.

Fritz said...

Those are some nice looking machines, Jill. Does it work to think of them as fully rigid MTBs but with modern componentry?

I see you have those seatposts with the built in lights on them. What's the 411 on those? It's a really cool idea.

Anonymous said...

props to everyone at Haro for bringing some exciting bikes to the market. i love the green paint on the Sanford. the clean lines of the bike should have mass appeal! the adjustible stem is a nice touch and i like the different component specs. these bikes look really great!

Anonymous said...

Bikes look really good Jill! Props to you, Wayne and the super-freak
for getting these together. Y'all should be proud.

- Matt

Anonymous said...

Nice heads up on the future of bike stuff! The world is saved...

Anonymous said...

Those are very cool. Are they 29 or 26"

Anonymous said...

Hey Jill,
I could have used one of these rides today in Spokane. The weather here is great. I was hoping to get a rental and ride along the river to Idaho and back today. I fly back to PHX tonight. The local shop is closed on Sunday, go figure, bikers never shop on Sundays I guess. Keep up the good work.


cattv said...

hi jill,

stumbled onto your blog via (kryptonite) and it's pretty inspiring. i'm always psyched to read/learn about fellow female bikers. would you be open to giving me some tips about getting a job in the bike industry? drop me a note at cathykchang at gmail dot com. thanks!