Saturday, March 24, 2007

Taipei Bike Show, day 1

Hello out there, bike fans, and welcome to the first day of the Taipei Bike Show. Unfortunately, since I had pretty much non-stop meetings with vendors all day today t0 view new product, I really didn't the chance to take too many cool pictures. I hope to get the time to walk the show a bit today and take some for ya'll.

We did see some neat things that I did get some pictures of. The first was this little electric car. It's just a little one-seater, but it sure is cute. According to the girl working the booth, they have already received considerable interest and orders from Europe for these little cars.

Smaller than a Smart Car!

We also stumbled across this ti frame manufacturer who does some nice work. We just might be chatting with them in the future about doing some work for us about a project I won't discuss at this time, but will be cool I promise. Here's one of their drop-outs:


Not a Haro, but still very cool is this city/metro bike that Giant is doing called the City Storm. Beautiful lines on this bike and very functional with a built in headlight, built-in cable lock, and wide variety of different pannier options for a personalized look. Since we are working on a metro bike project at the moment for Haro, bikes like this are of real interest to me right now.

So there are a few pictures for you to chew on. I'll do my best to get more today.

OK, this is going to sounds like a total chick statement, but one of the things I noticed about this show that differs from Interbike are all of the flower arrangements that the exhibitors have displayed in the booths. Suppliers and family members send flowers with messages of good luck and they are just beautiful. I'll get some pics of those today, too. If you guys don't like them, I know my mom will love them if she ever reads my blog.

Yesterday ended with a really wonderful dinner at an Italian restaurant with our good friend Kendall Young and his boss Steve from Ritchey components. We all love Kendall...he's a great guy and is as goofy as the rest of us, so we always manage to have a great time when we all hang out. We spec a lot of Ritchey on both Haro and Masi and have for many years, so he's like part of the family.

OK, time for breakfast and to get ready for Taipei Bike Show day 2.

Happy trails!


Priscilla said...

Wow. That City Storm is a BEAUTY!!! I LOVE the built in light!!!! I own a Giant Cypress that I adore...same color too! :D

Fritz said...

Haro Metro Bike? Any ideas on an availability date?

jill hamilton said...

The City Storm is beautiful...Giant did a killer job.

Our Metro bikes will be ready in the Fall hopefully. We just got done specing them out and choosing colors, so they are coming along nicely.