Tuesday, March 20, 2007

WOW no more

Sadly, I just got word that the Women's Only Weekend (WOW) mountain biking skills clinic weekend held annually in Big Bear, CA won't be happening this year. I can proudly say I have been a volunteer instructor at this event for the past 7 consecutive years. Many female cycling legends such as Leigh Donovan, Mercedes Gonzales, April Lawyer, Lisa Sher and others either got their start at Women's Only Weekend or have been instructors at some point during their careers.

Tireless promoter of this event Ann Hall, along with Team Big Bear, have made this weekend possible for well over 10 years. At its peak, we had over 300 participants (I think that may have been in 2002, but I'd have to check) who came from all over the USA to attend this special weekend. Unfortunately, due to a variety of circumstances (some known, some unknown) attendance was down significantly in 2006, so WOW will be on hiatus until further notice.

Many thanks to Ann Hall and Team Big Bear for their efforts in supporting and promoting women's mountain biking over the years! With any luck, the event will be back again in the future...and you can bet that I'll be there as an instructor again.


Priscilla@mtnbikeriders.com said...

Oh man that's such a bummer. I've been searching the net for info hoping to have been an attendee this year. :(

terri said...

What a bummer. I was searching for info, too and found your blog. Thanks for posting. Our family is moving to SoCal next month and I thought this would be perfect to get back into the cycling community and meet some new people.