Monday, March 26, 2007

Taipei Bike Show, Day 3

After accidently deleting all my pictures from yesterday, I made a point to go walk around a little bit today so I wouldn't leave the show so empty-handed. Some are re-shoots of some of the stuff I took yesterday, some are pictures of stuff I didn't catch yesterday.

Neat commuter bike with Brooks saddle, Shimano Alfine group, and stainless steel looking fenders and racks.

Here's a pretty cool road bike...I don't know if the strawberries are paint or not, they looked more like decals. The red chain and pedals were a nice touch.

Looks good enough to eat...strawberries and cream!

And here's a cool fixie from Fixie Inc. I saw these guys at Eurobike...they do some sweet stuff. Very simple with nice attention to detail.

Here are some pedals in interesting a more conservative colorful ti one.

Yes, this is a tradeshow booth. Kindshock.

OK, well, I actually need to get on a plane to come home now. I'm really looking forward to sleeping in my own bed tonight...or is a looong flight home.

Happy trails!


Fritz said...

Neat photos, Jill. Some of those pedals are really cool - I really like that guitar one. I think I'll pass on the strawberry bike :-) way too much of the kawaii factor for my tastes.

cattv said...

hilarious pedals & i looooove the strawberries @ cream! spinergy wheels def put it out of range for my budget tho...